Welcome to the Puget Sound Croquet Club website. Founded in 1987, the club is located 30 minutes East of Seattle, in the recently incorporated Rose Hill neighborhood of Redmond, Washington. The club has 3 croquet lawns and a clubhouse on 3 acres. (A full- sized croquet lawn is 35 yards long and 28 yards wide). It is a member club of the United States Croquet Association. Members of the club have the opportunity to enjoy all forms of 6 wicket croquet (golf croquet, American Rules andInternational Rules) both in casual and tournament play. To see some of them in action go to the photo section.

For newcomers to croquet, we offer a 3 hour session on the lawns for $50 per person. In each session there will be at least 4 players (club croquet is a game for 4 players, one to play each of the 4 balls – blue, red, black and yellow). All equipment is provided and light refreshment is available in the clubhouse. Dress casually (the croquet “whites” which you will see in our photo section are worn only in tournaments). The only dress requirement is “no stiletto heels!!” Our groundskeeper maintains smoothly manicured lawns. Wear flat soled shoes to keep him happy. Your instructor will give you a brief introduction to golf croquet, a fast moving game which has become increasingly popular in recent years. After that you will be mallet in hand in the thick of a game. See the calendar for availability. To reserve your place in a session call us at (425) 444-2369.

Map and Driving Directions